Range Safety

In view of the shooting range incidence that happened at the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club, the Fruitport Conservation Club has to become more aware and proactive in Range safety. To insure that we maintain a safe Rifle and Pistol range, we need all of our members to be Range Officers and knowledgeable in safe gun handling procedure and range safety rules.

No Rapid Firing - Shooting faster than one controlled round per second is Rapid firing. This is a zero tolerance policy!!! We highly recommend you wear safety glasses.

· Always use the switches for the flashing yellow lights to cease fire before going down range to change targets, and communicate your intensions with other shooters.

· Make sure that all firearms are cleared and in the rifle rack during the cease fire.

· Use only appropriate targets in front of the back stop (sand bunker) and clean up debris (targets and target stands) after shooting.

· Never shoot non approved targets on the ground, to avoid ricocheting over the back stops.

· Target stands are to be placed 5 to 10 feet in front of sand bunkers and set low so as not to allow bullets to fly over bunker.

· The only authorized targets are paper or cardboard. Metal spinner or Metal Gong targets. No other objects will be allowed

· Do not shoot or place targets to the right side of the range service road. Also do not park any vehicles on the service road or near the shooting benches.

· Read and Understand all posted range safety rules and gun handing rules during your use of the rifle and pistol range.

· Report all safety violations and any property damage to a club officer or board member listed on our web site (

· Be courteous to all members and practice range safety at all times during your shooting sessions.

· Remember to close the gate after shooting and don’t be afraid to politely ask other shooter if they are members, if not; ask them to join our club.

· Final Note: Shooters who choose to ignore or violate range safety rules will lose their membership.

Please Contact any of our club officers or board members with any questions or concerns about range safety rules via our web site ( Remember to keep our rifle and pistol range safe and clean to insure that we have a place to shoot and compete in the shooting sports.

FCC Board

Just a little heads up on range safety, based on what happened to North Ottawa's rifle range. We need to get the message out to our membership that range safety is very important, if we are going to maintain our shooting range.

Our members have to become Steward's and safety officers when using the range. They have to in force the rule of shooting into the the backstops andcontrolling their fire. Use the flashing lights and insure all firearms actions are open and cleared before walking down range to change targets.

FCC Board